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What Are Clients Saying About IMS's organizing services?


Spare Parts Storerooms

“I want to thank you for the outstanding work you did for the CCPS Transportation Department. this summer.  You took a totally unorganized inventory that was scattered all over the workshop and created a parts inventory  that is noteworthy.  The layout of the new parts area was well thought out, and the mechanics can readily find the parts they need.  The financial savings is significant now that we don’t order parts that we already have on hand.”

John Walsh
Director of Transportation
Culpeper County (VA) Public Schools

“We have recovered at least 60% of the warehouse space formerly occupied by the 4 x 8’ plywood shelving.  The workflow of the entire warehouse operation has been streamlined.
We are pleased that IMS was able to complete the project on-budget and ahead of schedule.”

David Benner, Founder and Principal
Mainstay Industrial Products

“Thanks to Frank, the project was completed with little to no impact on production.  We are more than satisfied with the product Frank was able to deliver.  Since the completion of the project, our Yonkers facility has realized a 15% decrease in inventory value.”

Jeff Oser, MRP Controller Manager
American Sugar Refining

“We at the Williams Ignacio Plant had an immensely positive experience with IMS and Frank Murphy in 2011.  IMS provided services to design and organize two new storerooms, as well as organization services for our existing large scale storeroom.  Frank’s diligence, attention to detail, safety focus and budgetary restraint were very much appreciated.  This project was a tremendous success, on time and on budget and that is to Frank’s credit.”

Nick Munoz
Supervisor of Operations
Williams Energy

“We at Yuasa highly recommend Frank Murphy and his team at IMS for any storeroom project.  IMS was contracted in 2010/2011 to reorganize our storeroom which had not been done in 15+ years.  Frank and his team completed the project on time and within the budget discussed.  He helped our team identify old and obsolete parts that were taking up a lot of room.  He discussed all aspects of the project in a clear concise manner and worked weekends to help complete the project on time.  We highly recommend Frank and his team for any assignment concerning MRO inventory management.”

Jim Colefish
Vice President, Yuasa Batteries Inc.

“Frank was able to accomplish in 10 weeks what we have been unable to do for years. The redesign, setup, organizing and inventory of our MRO stores warehouse was accomplished efficiently, professionally, under-budget and 4 weeks ahead of schedule.”

Lee Barr
Plant Engineer, CE Minerals

“Frank Murphy was TIMET’s project consultant, and was critical to Timet’s success in consolidating 19 satellite store areas into 4 main areas, which cut the stores space by half. The project was on-time and under budget.”

Tim Kimmett
Purchasing Manager, Titanium Metals Corp.

“The main, electrical and motor storerooms have never looked better. The maintenance staff has commented on how much quicker and easier it is to find parts now. For us, that translates into savings in time, money and (a reduction in) downtime.”

Cornelius Carey
Plant Engineer, Kraft Foods

“It is amazing how our Parts Storage area was transformed into the organized area we have now in just 4 weeks. We now have the tools to efficiently manage our parts inventory and increase our overall productivity.”

Dale Stein
Plant Engineer, Pepsi Bottling Ventures

“Your documentation of over 12,000 in-service parts, in our 3 most critical processes enabled us to determine if we were currently stocking the necessary parts.”

Greg Vaughn
Purchasing Manager, Post Cereals

“The best part was that your team gave us an “Extreme Makeover,” without any disruption to business, plus you even came in below the quoted price.”

Linda Walker
President, Keystone Computer Corp.

Bar Coded Asset Tracking

“IMS was extremely expedient, courteous and detail-oriented. The information they compiled will be very beneficial in tracking the company’s assets. I highly recommend their services and would not hesitate to use them again.”

Kathy Page
Office Manager, Gastroenterology Associates

“Since we are a contractor for the government, we have to be extremely concerned with finding a company that offers a low price, has proper insurance coverage, quick response time, and is reliable. IMS has exceeded all of our expectations.”

Alicia Lundsford
Contracting Coordinator, ARCO Management of Washington, DC

“The inventory was completed professionally, accurately, carefully and timely. I appreciate your (crews) extra carefulness in inventorying the historical artwork and furniture.”

Julie Lovelace
Financial Director, Palos Verdes (CA) Library District

Organizing Consulting

Your thoroughness of evaluation is impressive and I would certainly recommend your services to other executives.”

Caroline Watson
Bell South General Counsel, South Carolina