Inventory Management Services, Inc
A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.
– Chinese Proverb

Site Evaluation / Needs Assessment

The first step in your journey towards having a world-class storeroom is to have an On-Site Evaluation and Needs Analysis completed.  This tells us where you are and determines the best path to take to get you where you want to be.

To get this information, IMS will:
Examine the day-to-day storeroom policies, procedures and practices.
Evaluate the existing parts storage area(s) for design, layout, setup and physical condition.
Submit CAD drawings if new design, redesign or storeroom relocation is required.
Evaluate storeroom(s) for operational efficiency, space utilization and cost control.
Interview key people to determine short term and long range goals.
Examine and evaluate the condition and efficiency of part storage fixtures.
Analyze of the effectiveness of current part storage space.
Examine the methods of part storage and current part storage density.
Evaluate the part ordering, receiving, storage, issue, return-to-stock and out-for-repair procedures.
Examine the part and location numbering methods and provide recommendations on simplifying both.
Evaluate part descriptions with recommendations on simplifying and standardizing them.
Inspect, evaluate and analyze the number, function, location and use of satellite storage areas.  Recommendations are made on the options surrounding their use.
Provide recommendations on storeroom personnel requirements.
Outline the scope and benefit of IMS’s services.
Submit a proposal outlining the time, events and costs needed for a turnkey implementation and setup, which includes training. 
The time required for the evaluation is based on:
The size and number of facility buildings involved with parts storage.
The size, number, layout and condition of the storeroom(s) and its satellites.
The number of SKU’s, parts, tools and tooling in-house.
The number of storeroom and maintenance personnel.