Inventory Management Services, Inc
A little bit about IMS
About Inventory Management Services, Inc.

Frank Murphy, CPMM
has over 35 years of hands-on, maintenance-intensive experience.

How Did IMS Get Started?

Held positions as a maintenance technician, lead mechanic, overhaul crew supervisor, maintenance planner and storeroom manager in both facilities, manufacturing and power plant maintenance.
Trained over 1,200 maintenance personnel in 250 companies as a CMMS Trainer.
Earned his Certified Plant Maintenance Manager (CPMM) credentials from the Association of Facilities Engineers.
Is a past Director of the National Association of Professional Organizers.
Founded IMS in 1995.
Frank’s Observations:
Most storerooms and tools cribs are not organized, are inefficient, and are costly to run.
Few companies know what parts or tools they have on-hand, or where they are. 
Parts databases are inaccurate, not up-to-date, and contain duplications.
Parts-related production downtime is very costly and contributes directly to higher plant operating and maintenance costs. 
Parts storage areas represent a major source of corporate maintenance savings.
Organized storerooms correct the costly inefficiencies generated by unorganized and cluttered storerooms.
Inventory Management Services Inc.:
Reduces MRO part and tool costs related to parts inventory storage, and tracking. 
Determines the most effective way to set up and use the available parts storage space.
Decides how best to store supplies within that area.
Explains how bar code technology can expedite the issue and reorder of parts in a timely manner.
Improves efficiency, creates a cleaner, well-organized spare parts storage area, enables rapid part location, enhances timely reordering of parts, implements greater control over the entire inventory and parts process, and a reduces operating costs and downtime.

IMS is a veteran-owned small business.